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Your Consultant is  Genna De La Pena

My Story

Contact me anytime! 801-706-0055 Hello! Thank you for visiting my page. I really appreciate you taking the time to read about me. I am a single mom of a beautiful little boy. I have been a Scentsy Consultant for over 4 years now. My friend gave me a warmer and bar for my baby shower and I loved it! One night I ran out of wax at 8 o'clock at night. So I called her. She didn't hesitate just brought me more to tide me over. Later, I got hooked on Washer whiffs and they made doing laundry more exciting. I absolutely loved the divine smelling bedding, jackets and baby clothes.
Scentsy buddies seemed so interesting that I had to try them. My son stole mine and we both fell in love with them. Mostly, I loved that it was safe around our newborn but made things smell A LOT better!
A few months later I had decided to host a party to get earn a half-priced Diffuser (which are amazing). I was hesitant thinking I would be bothering my friends and family, but it was the opposite! Everyone I approached about coming to my party were excited when they heard Scentsy saying they loved it and the orders for my first party just flooded in. I had over 10 people show up to the Christmas themed house party!
When I brought the orders to my friend, she saw the bottom line and explained to me that if I joined, I would end up with free Scentsy and a paycheck half way through the month. I was hesitant and I asked a billion questions. The answers surprised me. I had been wrong about a lot of elements of being a consultant.
I agreed it was way past time for me to sign up. Why not make money and get free and discount products? I love all Scentsy products and I know you will too. I have tried every scent system Scentsy currently offers. They took the place of any competition I had at my house. We are a Scentsy house now.
My Mom wasn't fond of Scentsy when I first started as a consultant. She is a person who doesn't like scents. However, after a lot of working on samples and parties in front of her, she fell in love with a Diffuser and purchased it in 2017, and just in Sept. 2019 she purchased over $200 in warmers, bars and room sprays.
She said "it's silly to love inatimate objects, but I REALLY love my diffuser." She tried it once and was hooked. She has to have it running for dry air control and the scents.
Book your amazing party now and customize it to online, in home or even on the go! Or lets chat about your discount and perks waiting for you to become a consultant!

***Please ask me lots of questions and to smell before you purchase, please contact me and we'll get together with all my scent testers and make sure you fall in love with your new Scenty products.

☆Phone: 801-706-0055 (Text also!)
☆Instagram: @gennascentsy